Runaway Princesses

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Runaway Princesses V1.5: Classes, Spring Cleaning, Little Updates to Mechanics

One's GLOG hack is never done, but mine just got added to, and the layout and mechanics have been cleaned up and streamlined. I think it's in a better place. Still more stuff in the pipeline for it though, which I'm looking forward to getting down to work on.

It's also now got a Class Folio to go along with it! More Classes will be added, and previous Classes will be revised. For example, I've only got the Orthodox Wizard School so far, and it's completely Skerples' work, with Dungeons and Possums' fabulous random spellbook tables.

Of course, all GLOG classes should be easily compatible with Runaway Princesses and vice versa, so you can just use one of the (delightfully) overwhelmingly many GLOG classes made by our wonderful little community. In fact, a few of my Classes are basically stolen from others, with only tiny tweaks here and there (the much deserved credit is all yours, and unless I've forgotten, is in the blog post version - let me know if you want to change that).

I've tinkered away at a character sheet which is basically a hack of (can character sheets hack other character sheets like systems hack other systems or is that just silly?) the Current Standard (v1.4) for 5e. I'm really happy with how it looks, but don't feel comfortable sharing it cos I'm not sure what the rights and that are on it. So, I'm gonna work on one from scratch. Depending on how that goes, the next update might have a character sheet too.

By the way, I'd be flabbergasted if it happened, but if anyone uses Runaway Princesses at the table, I'd be super keen to hear how things went! Anyway, enough of all this. Here's the good (hopefully) stuff:

UPDATE (13/7/2020): Latest version can be found here.

Still in a pretty rough state. Stats, Prices, Weapon Tags etc.

Let me know what you think team :)


  1. No Runaway Princess class? :(

    Also, nice job on the layout!

    1. Haha you're spot on - that's a disastrous omission - added to the to-do list, thanks Tamás! Thanks so much :)