Sunday, February 2, 2020

Runaway Princesses (v0.1): Need another GLOG hack in your life?

What better way to kick off a new blog than with a GLOG hack?

As a recent convert to the OSR, I quickly found my home among the screeching gretchlings of the GLOG community. And to them, I present my unholy abomination, my monstrous abberation of a hack, combining The GLOG, 5th Edition, and so many other good ideas that are not mine. Warning: It's playable, but not complete.

Priority on my To-Do:

  • Complete, refine, clean up the classes. 
  • Write up a GM section.
  • Define dungeon & wilderness procedures.
  • Do an editing sweep. 

Runaway Princesses (v0.1)

Classes* + the Wizard.*
 *un-polished, likely better off using other people's classes for now.

A Call For Feedback

Please feed me and sustain me with your glorious feedback. I'd love to hear any suggestions, criticisms, or thinks you like. And I re-iterate, it is most definitely not finished. Is a hack ever finished?...

If you have any questions on hacking, or any ways I could make things easier, let me know and maybe I can offer some help.

The Credit Is All Yours

The title is named after my sister. Get better soon, Miriam.

This thing would not exist without many people, but in particular:

- Arnold K. and Skerples, the high overlords of the ghetto.
- Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford and the rest of the team who made D&D 5e.
- Kevin Crawford, the genius behind Wolves of God and Stars Without Number, from whom I have mercilessly stolen from.
- Ben Milton, the Questing Beast, for introducing me to the OSR, and making Knave and Maze Rats, whose tables are integral to Runaway Princesses.
-  Chris McDowall, for being king of GM advice, and many other things.
- Type1Ninja, for the sublime Moonhop.
- Jason Bulmahn and the rest of the team who made the Pathfinder 2e ancestries.
- The wonderful, infinitely creative and kind people of the GLOG community, so quick to share and collaborate. You are too many to name, but what a delightful little corner of the internet.
- Artists: Gustave Dore, Lancelot Speed, and Mary Hallock Foot. If I've forgotten anyone, please don't come back as a revenant from your Victorian grave to tell me.

If I have not included you here, but you should be here, I am first terribly sorry and embarrassed, and second, would love for you to let me know so that I can make sure I give credit where credit is due.


  1. Likely the most visually appealing GLoG hack out there, the artwork works really well.

    I like that you put the fighter's extra attack at second level rather than first, the implications of putting the extra attack at first level is something I consider often.

    I had one questions when I read it.
    How does it work when the DM rolls multiple initiative scores against the PCs, are the PCs rolling against the highest Initiative?

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      Thanks for raising that - I see now that I didn't make that very clear at all! Basically, the GM rolls initiative once on behalf of all the opponents, and that becomes the DC for the PC's to beat.
      The opponents use the highest DEX/WIS among the group as the modifier for the roll.
      It's something I'm not thrilled about to be honest. I'd like to retain the side-based initiative, but still represent the initiative skill of PC's and NPC's.

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